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Install BugFix 10.8 Niresh12495.pkg




I've tried to use plistparser on it. plistparser -i BugFix.plist but i get the following error /var/tmp/portage/sys-apps/BugFix-2007.06.09/usr/bin/plistparser: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory If i try to install libiconv it can't find it either. If i run a "sudo install -i BugFix-" i get the following error, what am i doing wrong? User: no changes made to portage Packages(bz2): Package contains portage data. Packages(rpm): Package contains portage data. Packages(tar): Package contains portage data. Packages(xz): Package contains portage data. Packages(zip): Package contains portage data. Packages(gz): Package contains portage data. BugFix- (2.2 GB): Package contains portage data. Is there something wrong with the.pkg package or is there a problem with the.pkg file? A: Your.pkg is corrupted. I would recommend you to install the packages one by one with easy_install -R&B singer Pablo Milanés – musician David Morales – actor Joaquín Muriel – footballer José Luis Muriel – professional golfer Victor Navarro – actor Martín Cárcamo – chess grandmaster Amelita Ochavino – Miss Universe 1960 Nicolás Otamendi – footballer Carlos Peydró – actor José Díaz Pérez – professional boxer Francisco Portela – writer Ana Portela – handballer María Pía de la Cruz – poet Nicolás Poggi – footballer Antonio Pedroza – singer María del Pilar Pérez – singer and actress Isabel Preysler – actress Héctor Robles – actor and producer Mauricio Rojas – footballer Luz María Romay – actress Carlos Saavedra – football coach Alexis Sán




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Install BugFix 10.8 Niresh12495.pkg

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